Essential tools for the internet marketer!

This is a post to help people with internet marketing, whether it is for a current business, a business you are thinking about starting, network marketing or even a blog you would like to start and or monatize.  Now your thinking what all these have in common its simple they all need the basic core elements to grow.  They all need a place to attract people to, a way to communicate to customers or prospective customers, a way to get to know each other or share ideas, and much more.

The Main Tools

  1.      Website:  while this may not be 100% needed it is a good idea.  reason here is then you can design it anyway you want it like a blog, informational site for your business or a place to advertise.

  2.      Blog:  This is essential not only to attract new customers but to continue to engage your current customers.  This keeps them up to date on what your are doing and what they can expect from you in the future.

  3.      Auto Responder:  This is how you sell your new customers on your products and services you offer and how they get to know you and want to do business with you. Also allows you to tell current customers about upcoming events, products and services you will be offering.

  4.      Video Maker:  This can really boost your traffic to your site and let your customers get to see who you are and know you better.  This helps with site rankings which means more traffic and more customers.

  5.      Webinar Service: This helps out those that are into internet marketing, network marketing, or affiliate marketing.  This allows you to do trainings, and informational meetings for your representatives and those looking to do the same business.

  6.      Web Hosting:  This essential for those that have their own website.

Where can you get these and how much they going to cost?

Well each one of these have costs associated with them.  Some are cheaper than others but you really have to compare features and benefits of each to see if you are getting a good deal or not. It takes due diligence to find out where to get the best deal for what you need. Let’s take a few examples like autoresponder service this is a must for all so it is very important now a lot of them will do free trials but you eventually have to get a package from them these range from $17 t0 $50 dollars a month depending on what you need. We can also look at web hosting which starts at $3.95 a month for very little and can go up to around $19 a month a website so if you need several websites for advertising you can see the costs going up quickly.  Another big one is a conference or webinar service these run anywhere from $30 to $50 or more a month depending on how many participants you want to be able to have on at one time. So as you can see making money on the internet still costs money but is much less than a brick and mortar business and you can reach many more people and have a global business through the internet. So just going by half of the essential tools and the minimums on each you are looking at around $50 a month.

Well I have actually found a solution to this problem!

There is a new Tool Suite that is now on the market, which is very exciting! This way you can have all your tools in one place for one low price.  You can have a blog, autoresponder, video email/maker, video conference system, and web hosting all in one. Now I know you are thinking this is going to be a huge cost but actually you get the premium packages of each tool, for less than the minimum on the three packages I shared with you above.  So what makes it better you can also share the product with others to make money. or simply get yours for free and just promote your business with the use of the tool suite.  So want more information click HERE.


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Jeff Bernert

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5 Steps to Getting More Done

5 Steps to Getting More Done

So you want to get more done but always seem to get overwhelmed from so much to do in life. These steps can be used to help you get more done in your personal life or work.  First thing is the system you choose to use must do several things for you, one calm your mind, two give you the tools to set things into action, and three give you a sense of accomplishment once you have achieved the things you set out to in the first place. I have found part of the problem with old list style you can lose a few things in the fact you don’t always have it with you to add or subtract then you end up wasting time by going back over stuff or by continually losing track of set agenda. One thing that is important is to remember our world is ever changing and thus do our priorities and things to get done will change sometimes even faster than we can get our lists done. Thus as we change things will seem to get stuck and we have stuff on our lists that never seem to get done which gets us frustrated a feel like we are not getting enough done and eventually fall back into our old ways, constantly getting overwhelmed and even less done. So hopefully by the end of this article you will have a basis on how to get more done and eliminate some of the stress in life.

Step One: Process ‘stuff’ to Clear Your Mind

Step one will help clear your mind of the thousands of things you need to get done, with this step you will collect all the to dos, projects and other stuff roaming in your mind and get it on a list you can work on now and later. What this does is it frees it from your mind and helps take out the trash in your mind as well and while clearing your mind makes it easier for you to accomplish more with less stress. While collecting all your things you usually don’t think of them all at once or even in the same place so this is a step that you really never finish but the start for the process. Things you will need will be several ways to capture all these ideas, I suggest several because you may not always have your computer, laptop, notebook, or whatever you usually keep your to do list on. What this does for you is gets it out of your head quicker and keeps your mind clear and stress free, by not thinking about something continually until you can get it on your list. The less things in your head the better you will work and accomplish more with less stress.

Visual Workflow and the rest of the process

Next is the process, here is where you will prioritize everything and split the lists up to the correct areas in your life. Here you will also compile all the lists from all the ways you captured and put them together into categories. Here is where you can put to use the process workflow chart you find in all the time management books. Here is where you ask the questions as you go through the lists to organize them, what is it and is it actionable? This is the first step in the process and points the items in the right direction.  If it is not actionable then you can trash it file it or put it away in a someday/never list. If it is actionable, then what is the next step? Will it take 2 minutes or more? Is it a project? You want to clear out all the items that will take less than two minutes right away. For those that will take longer you have options to deal with. Here you will also decide is it something you need to do or to delegate it out or even to defer it to later. You will also plan out multistep projects to break down into more manageable steps that can go through the same do it, delegate it or defer it process.


The second step really could use much more in depth on the actual processes and examples which will be an article all to its self. So to continue on with the last three steps, step three is to organize your results which will be on going as well cause as stuff move through step one then step two you will continually be going over your results and organizing them from step two which will lead right into step four. In step three is where you decide what you are to do with what isn’t delegated or when to do stuff you are doing. Step four will be reviewing step three, prioritizing what you are going to do and deciding when you go to step five with everything you have left which at this point should be collected, processed, organized and reviewed.  Then you will proceed to step five and do all the things left this should be where the magic happens and you start seeing the results from the work you are doing. As long as you have taken all the proper steps this will be going smoothly and you will achieve more than you thought was possible. With the changes in our life on daily weekly monthly basis it is important to keep the process open all the time or you will simply fall back into old ways and have the constant feeling there is not enough time in the day to accomplish anything which makes us even less productive than we usually are and increases our stress levels and goes into that feeling of being overwhelmed by life, work or whatever you are thinking about and increases our procrastination.

So if you got good value or want more from this post please leave a comment or even email me.

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Jeff Bernert

With the year coming to an end most people wait till last minute to think up their new year resolutions. So this year I took a bit of time to review my year and my goals from last year.  My question to you did you just state your resolutions like most or did you actually ink it?   Well I can tell you last year I actually did not set my goals till February, and I actually did not break them down until later that month so was a bit behind, but at least I wrote them down something I have not done for a very long time.  Usually like most I would state my resolution after midnight on a whim.  So like most never really stuck with it and most of them never happened. Sound familiar?

So my challenge last year was to actually put some thought to them and actually plan them out.  Well I can say I achieved two of my top 3 goals and those two I actually exceeded my goals of what I thought would happen.  So what did I do right and what did I do wrong?  I will share that with you so you can learn from my mistakes and have your best year ever!  I have a couple blog posts that would be good to review if you are not sure what to do when setting goals.  I would suggest to you to actually take some time and read the other blog posts in conjunction to this brief post.  I invite you to check out my story as one to learn about me and some of my challenges, thus you will understand why I choose physical goals most the time and why I believe in mind set as well.

Where to start?  Well best thing to do is to review last year! Have written goals from last year read them and take time to evaluate your efforts as well as your results.  Did you hit your goal or fall short? then ask why? If you want to have a better year than the last this is an important step.  If you did not set goals or take time last year to write them down.  Ask yourself a few questions, Are you where you want to be in life? if not what do you want to improve?  Is it your health, financial, personal self or a combination or set one in each area as I do.  You can accomplish this because they are different areas of life so when you are thinking of new things to do in one area you can work on the other.

When done reviewing you usually will see a few things you can set for your goals.  Here you want to make sure you do not set goals that you will accomplish in a day or too rather think BIG and AUDACIOUS.  You might even scare yourself with this but think of it this way it is a year long goal when you set it take it and divide it up make a half year, or divide by quarter , or monthly goals to keep on track throughout the year that way you can make adjustments.  So set your goals and take some time to break them down into smaller chunks.

Then you will want to review them what can you do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to achieve them and write them down make a checklist to help.  I would even suggest reviewing your goals every month so you can change what you are doing if it is not working or improving your results that your are getting.  think of more things you can do or change in your daily routine to achieve the goals you have set.  Remember to make the chunks as small as you can that is why reviewing is important cause you will see different things differently at different times.

This comes to another thing to help with your goals take time to work on yourself to improve yourself, through positive thinking, mind set and personal development.  If you want to improve and achieve your mind set is more important than most people give credit to it.  I also suggest in making a few affirmations or mantras to say everyday to help you with your goals or even a vision book.  I think these are a few extra ways you can increase your success on your goals and even in life.  So my challenge for you is take some time this year and just do not do a whimsical new years resolution, take the time, think about it, plan it and achieve it!  Make your best year ever and set the platform to reach new heights!

“Do or do not there is no try!”  Yoda

To YOUR Success,


What is YOUR Mind Set Doing for you?

Truth is we do not pay attention to our mind as much as we should.  We get busy with life and just do not watch what we are thinking.  No wonder with how busy life is these days, amazing what technology has done to our daily life.  Why should you care about mind set?  Well it helps our subconscious decisions which can help or hinder us (hinder most of the time).  In this blog post we will get into it a little more if you are wonder or thinking mine does not hinder me, you would be surprised what your subconscious can do.  I have also thought that at times but when I stop and think or watch my thoughts I realize WOW what was I thinking.

Here is an example to help you realize you are not aware of thoughts and even actions.  Ever drive to or from work and when you arrive you actually do not remember the rive at all or it is a blur?  Ever think to yourself wow its already blank go, thinking where did that day, week, or month go?  I am sure you have everyone has said or thought it every once in a while you will over here someone then it hits you where have I been.  I was reading a book the other day that I had not read in a very long time and I realized I had fallen asleep.  Not literally fallen asleep but gotten so busy with life that I had gone on autopilot, life had just been going by and I was asleep at the wheel again.  A couple months before I picked up the book again to read it some scary things happened to me.  Most people might call these nightmares, but since it is from my past and actually happened, I actually find it to be more my mind telling me it is time to pay attention, I have lost sight of my thoughts.

The dream starts with a crash or loud sound and usually a voice calls out WAKE UP!!! YOUR ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL!!! now that happened a couple times and I woke up and I was not in the car but my bed.  The last one, before I read that book started the same but I didn’t wake up and the dream went on.  This time after the crash in the dream I woke up I was in my car, I could not see, I could not move my legs, there was an insanely loud buzzing sound in my head, I could not tell what was happening or what was going on.  Then I heard a voice shouting but I could barely hear it… DON’T MOVE THERE ARE LIVE POWERLINES ON YOUR CAR!

Well the dream continued for a while then I woke up for real, I was in my bed safe and sound, but the reality is I was remembering my car accident I had almost 13 years ago.  Why was this happening?  you may have your thoughts why, but it was because I was on autopilot again I was not watching my thoughts and my subconscious was running my life again.  I was allowing life once again to run me and it was telling my hey you need to wake up your job is not done.  I reread that book and realized my mind set over the last few years was working against me and not for me.  I had allowed myself to get sucked into life and life was running me.  So I asked myself some simple questions to check myself.

What time is it?  Where am I?  What are your answers?  I am sure you immediately looked at a clock and then thought sitting here reading this post, duh or something to that effect.  Those are not the correct answers I was looking for, they are not the makings of a great mindset.  Those answers are also why we get all busy and life happens without us knowing it.  So are you happy, sad, or a mixture?  How does it affect you and those around you?  Why should you care?  What is everyone looking for?

We begin with the last one, everyone is looking for happiness, in some shape or form.  The way you show up to others can affect them whether you believe it or not.  YOU have to CHOOSE happy or sad.  The time is NOW and you are HERE.  Now what to do about this?  How can you control life change your mind set to make sure you do not fall asleep at the wheel again?  Here are a few suggestions, look inside not sure what you are looking for and need some guidance?  There are many books you can read usually under self improvement or personal development, there are programs out there you can find, find a mindset mentor, etc.

My personal suggestions:

Book series starts with this one.


Power Mind Program by Ray Higdon.

find a mentor, or friend you can talk with and share and discuss what you want, that will give you feed back on how you show up or give suggestions on how to change even just listen to you work everything out.  Thank You for being you and wanting more from life!

To YOUR Success,

Jeff Bernert

Any questions, comments, or concerns contact me, if you found value leave a comment, explore my website for more info about me and what I am doing to achieve massive success.

Can you Create Do or Die Success?

October has always been one of my favorite months and it always seems to be one of the most productive months as well.  You have the leaves changing colors then falling nice cool days and nights and with it the entrance to thoughts of the winter.  We run around and have all sorts of things to get done it’s the last push to get things done before winter.  Winterize the lawn, rake all the leaves, try and finish up all those summer projects we still need to finish before it is too cold to do anymore outside work.  Another reason I like October is the playoffs for baseball, teams have been competing since the spring to get a chance to play in October and a chance to go to the world series.

If you think about it life is much like a baseball season and you can learn a lot from these teams and how they perform.  Spring training you get to see a glimpse of what the teams are capable of doing but they are still in training and learning how they need to grow together to get to the ultimate goal.  The season is a long enduring process where they are working together all season making adjustments to make themselves better in preparation to the post season playoffs.  This process of ever changing and improving individually and as a team to improve the chance of the trip to the playoffs.  The playoffs the beginning of the road to the world series the ultimate goal for all teams.

So let’s break this down to what goes on and how this is like our life.   You can equate spring training to our early years, our education and accomplishments in life before we leave high school.  Up till then we are developing our minds and bodies as well as our habits for life.   Nothing is completely set in stone by this point but we have developed enough to set us up for our many years to come.  We have learned and started to set our limits in our life by listening to others, watching those around us and our own perceptions.   Still at this point anyone can be successful no matter where they are in life and what is going on around them.

The regular season more like the rest of our life till retirement.  This is where our habits become rooted and start to become routine whether they are good or bad for us.   We start to set the limits on ourselves that we have heard all our life from friends, family, strangers, and even those we seek that are considered experts.  During this period we settle in our lives and many things can happen we can struggle, become mediocre, successful, or extremely successful.  Most likely you can hit all of those stages in your life hopefully in that order but as we know we seem to bounce around between these stages and maybe never hit some of the stages.  I would say success is the beginning of the playoffs and extremely successful is like the world series.

So what is it that we can learn from the teams that make it to the playoffs and even those that make it all the way?

There are several characteristics you can take from them and they always have them.

First TEAMWORK, now this goes from the general manager to the coaching staff to players from starting, bench, and bullpen.  Part of this is done by supporting each other and helping them through their struggles and encouraging them to get past their slumps and continue their successes.  The more cohesive a team becomes the better they play and win more games getting them closer to the playoffs.

Second IMPROVEMENT, throughout the season the players are constantly making adjustments to their play to get better on the field and at the plate batting.  You can always see the best players actually will make changes during a game they do not wait they are continually trying new things.  They become a student again and continue to learn and grow mentally as well as physically.

Third ATTITUDE, send you for a loop here? They develop a NEVER GIVE UP attitude, no matter what the odds they go and do their best no matter what. They use MANTRAS for the whole team. examples 2011 St. Louis Cardinals used HAPPY FLIGHT, meaning the next plane was going to be to the next city in the playoffs, This Year 2012 San Francisco Giants used WE ARE NOT READY TO GO HOME.

You need all three they are keys to success. Take action today here are some things you can do.

  • Build your team: find your coach/mentor, get the support of friends and family, get your team together.
  • Personal Growth: take a closer look at your life, what can you improve, how can you improve it?  read at least one book a month that will help you improve your life.
  • Attitude:  change your attitude for the better, change your thoughts, this doesn’t come easy but it you seek the first two actions this will follow.  I also suggest find your mantra to keep you from never giving up on your dreams.


So think about some of those dreams you have given up on or put aside for the time being and rekindle them.  How can you achieve them? Dig deep and never give up.  If you are inspired or got value from this post leave a comment, or share this article.  Looking for a coach, mentor or want to discuss anything in depth contact me.

To Your Success,

Jeff Bernert

Success Is Not Pain Free

As many of the most successful people say to be successful you have to do that which others are not willing to do.  To make it too the next level of success you need to step out of your comfort zone. Something I learned way back in High School Sports still to this day helps me to continue to improve my success and bounce back from failures, setbacks and obstacles.  A simple concept I extracted from something a coach once said.  You need to learn the difference between pain and discomfort, although this was in reference to the physical aspect of running.  I took a different look at it he said winning is not going to be comfortable and if you are comfortable you are not pushing to do your best.

I am going to relate this to my life so if you have not read my story then you might want to so you get the full picture.  Some of my most challenging parts of life are actually physical if you read my story you would understand why.  The short version I was in a very bad car accident years ago spent time in a wheel chair and learning to walk again, was even told on numerous doctor visits I would never walk without assistance again.  Even my last Doctor visit I was to continue to wear a boot and use a cane, was only supposed to be able to stand for 4 hours, no lifting, and countless other restrictions.  The Doctor also told me several other things during my consultation where he was not going to give me the chance to go back to work he had the disability paper already filled out and faxed to my long term disability company for another year.  I disagreed with him gave him his papers back, he came back with consequences of me not following his advice but it was no different than what he told me my life would be like for the rest of my life so I thought why listen?

The thoughts he put into my mind would stop me unconsciously for over a decade.  We are told to listen to doctors they know best and all that, well it held me back for a long time with his words ringing through my mind.  He told me I could eventually walk on my own but I will have problems for the rest of my life and in 5 to 10 years I will be back to using a cane due my injuries to my legs and hip.  Almost amazing is first two years were very painful then had about 5 good years then hit a downhill slope where everyday got harder till year 10 and I was shoveling ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen sodium pills everyday more than recommended, and I was just tired and worn out even started thinking doctor was right it might be time to give up.

Well funny thing happened I was going through some old boxes and found a book that helped me get through the hard time after my accident and I remembered.  It made me think about everything going on life was busy work, had a family now, and I realized all the good that was in my life and I had been focusing on the one bad thing, because I was allowing the negative things around me to control me.  So it was then I started to change my thinking and controlling my thoughts to become more positive and filter out the negative.  I even started trying products again that would help with arthritis and joint issues which didn’t give much relief.  A year and half later I set some goals to lose weight and such but found I would continue to hit obstacle after obstacle and I had to further change my goals again.  I reframed them and I am actually ahead of my goal this time.

This is what I have accomplished and how.  Continued to change my mental process to a more positive and a never give up attitude.  I was in a store and saw a 90 day workout as seen on TV product on clearance for $8.99 I bought it and started it the next day.  I am now 55 days through it according to the calendar that it comes with, have lost over 15 pounds and am working out almost every day and my legs and hip feel much better than they did a year ago.  I found some natural products to help with it and do not take any of those other pills anymore.  You can beat any obstacle if you put your mind to it sometimes you will need the help of others to draw the strength to do it.

If you are facing challenges and need help figuring them out need a mentor or coach email or call me.  If you are inspired or got value from this post leave a comment.


To Your Success,


Are Your Goals Setting You Up For Failure or Success?

I have been studying different personal development guru’s guides to goals for over a year now trying to figure out a few questions.  Now to most people I would be successful but to me I feel I am mildly successful.   I want to be wildly successful so I have been reading and listening to everything I could get my hands on from Darren Hardy, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and Brian Tracy.   So I went through and bought a couple of their guides and set goals or reset my goals I should say.

I did the normal reframeing that all goals should be, which is set them to be SMART goals. You know the drill. Is it Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Timely?  that’s great but was still missing something and I was making very slow progress and myself I like to make progress that I can see not take months to see.  So I continued to study and go through the guides I discovered I was missing the last part and I made them SMARTER goals I added Evaluate and Reevaluate to the mix.  well from there I saw the ball start rolling but I wanted more results faster so I kept reading and listening to them over and over.

Then found a suggestion on how to turn a goal to focus on the right thing.  So it was wrong to say if you want to  lose weight.  I want to lose 20 lbs. in 3 months.  Because it focuses on losing weight which makes your focus on a negative.  For example you are 170lbs and you want to lose 20lbs you should state your goal as follows I will be 150 pounds by Aug 1st.  sounds pretty simple right well I did that and still found myself not getting where I want to go.   hmmm I thought I just couldn’t grasp I have done everything they said why am I not seeing huge results?  So I listened and read everything again still nothing then it hit me.

So I kept evaluating and reevaluating my goals.   Then I realized I had not looked enough into what I really wanted.  I was staying and playing small and comfortable.  So I had to dig deeper and continue to pull back the layers and revise my goals to better fit what I wanted it to be.  Only problem is I knew what I wanted and how to get there but not how to fuel it and put it into action.  So I continued to make this journey and continued to dig deeper than ever into my thoughts and feelings.

My real goal actually wasn’t to lose weight or simply make more money! I was completely off so my attitude and focus were still wrong and I did not realize it!  Those were just actual things that would happen as a result from my actual goals.  I had been thinking a lot about goals I had set way back before my car accident.   I had been training to get back in shape so I could run a marathon, working 2 jobs to get ahead.  So I reevaluated my goals and reset them and then BAM things started happening.  It was like I opened up the flood gates.  One thing after another just started to click and I was making progress I could actually see.  My flexibility started improving daily, I could work out longer, and was just feeling more into working out instead of dreading it I wanted to.

Now it’s not over but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so to say.   The progress is compounding every day.  So my goals are starting to develop and success is actually looking like it could be bigger than I had planned.  So as a shameless plug I would suggest a copy of Darren Hardy’s Compound Effect and Living your Best Year Ever not sure how to get just click the link on the right these are great programs to help you through your mediocrity.  Need Help, suggestions, or want to learn more about what I am doing to create my financial empire by working from home???  Contact me and we can work together to create huge success.


To Your Success,

Jeff Bernert

My Silver Perspective for the Future

I have been reading as many articles, blogs, and investor kits as I could for the last 6 months about Silver foremost but also Gold.  I saw a parallel early on and several articles referenced a relationship between the two that has recently gone from the normal ratio to a bigger one that suggests one would spike or the other would go down.  They both seem to slowly be gravitating back to that ratio but much slower than most would suggest in the articles I read, which makes sense since most the articles are produced by financial advisors trying to get you to invest with them.  I also would like to point out other similarities that are time related as well 10 years ago there was not a lot of advertising we buy gold.  You had the jewelers and pawn shops but they didn’t buy huge billboards or advertise on TV as a main attraction.  Today there are shops that only buy gold and silver and are advertising on TV, the internet, newspapers, etc..  You can’t watch TV or even drive too long without seeing We Buy Gold in some shape or form.

Which brings me to my point of We Buy Gold is starting to change to We Buy Gold and Silver.  Over the last 10 years silver is worth 7 times now what it was then per ounce.  I would say all the articles I have read agree Silver has just begun and will close the gap between it and Gold.  It has now become even more important with its industrial uses it is used to make all sorts of items that are used to make products.   One thing people do not realize is its conductive properties make it the best choice to make cell phones.  Yes that old cell phone you just threw away had silver in it.  With the growing amount of cell phones in the world and other electronics that use Silver as a conductor the price of silver and these goods will continue to go up over time.  Silver Coins has also broken into a new arena over the last ten years, talk with Coin Collectors and 10 years ago they would have told you new issue coins were of no value mint state 70 or not.  Now a mint state 70 coin of the current year could double its value in the same year because of all the people collecting them and the rarity of them.

Now that coin collecting has hit that arena question is will the mints of the world start to produce more coins to make more money?  Or will the cost continue to go up of Silver?  Well sadly even if they do start to produce more the price of Silver will continue to go up, for one main difference between Gold and Silver.  How we get them, as we know there are many people out there trying to mine for Gold, they even have reality TV shows about it, it is a big industry even still today.  So we continue to add to the supply of gold on a regular basis and many countries have a well stocked reserve of gold in place.  Silver on the other hand is not commonly mined for it is usually a by-product of mining for other minerals which means with all the new uses we have found for Silver over the last 10 years the stockpiles and reserves are getting depleted.  Now this is not going to happen overnight but at the current rate of use in coins and industrial uses we are using more than we are mining at the current time.

Since Silver is not looked upon as Gold is no one is mining strictly for Silver.  I know there are some smaller mining companies looking into it.  At this point very few people see an end to the Silver reserves.  One article I read showed current consumption levels from industry and mints and showed the reserves and current rate of extraction based on the numbers they showed the reserves would be depleted in 8 years which would put us in a situation that we did not have enough silver to go nine years.  Funny thing is I was reading it because I found it under Silver mining looking for people to invest in Silver mines not to invest in Silver itself.  So the questions we need to look at answering is what will happen: Will we find a better conductor?  Will we settle for lower quality?  Will people start mining in time to avoid this?

One question that is easy to answer in all of this is What will Silver do?  It will go up at a faster rate in the next ten years than the last ten years, and those Silver coins you have now will go with it. Interested in finding out more about how you can get Mint State 70 coins and start collecting assets instead of debt?  I invite you to listen to this audio, watch this presentation, look at the coin shop, and contact me.


To Your Success,


Living My Best Year Ever 2012

I am going to start this one out with some gratitude first. I would like to thank first and foremost my brother Rod Albers for reconnecting with me, the support and the mentoring he has provided thus far.  Also would like to thank Darren Hardy for his books and programs(The Compound Effect, Living your best year ever, and Success magazine). I can’t forget my wife for her support in my endeavors with starting a home-based business, allowing me to change over a room to my home office, etc. I know your thinking most people do this sort of stuff at the end, but I wanted to put it at the beginning to show my gratitude and so that it actually was read and not just glazed over.

Now a little over a year ago I started out on a journey I had realized I had become consumed in my life and had forgotten about my goals in life and actually became oblivious to what was going on around me. I was unhappy with many things and I had been for a long long time and I decided to change it. So I started doing a few things differently and decided I was going to go back to what I was doing about 12 years ago after my car accident(my story) with the personal development and changing my life. It made sense it is what got me to where I was but somewhere I had gotten off track. I know most people would be happy to have been in my situation in this economy but I had traded off time with family and basically had one sided success. I started to read a few books and doing a little research on the internet and wanted to start a business but with the economy the way it was didn’t want to risk anything so I continued unhappy, but I was starting to make changes in myself and my surroundings.

Then about six months into the year I decided to look at seriously changing things. So I started to look into books but I just wasn’t finding time to read them with working 6 days a week and trying to still have some family time. So it was suggested to use audio CDs, and I started listening a couple days a week to trainings, on the way to and from work and I could feel the positive changes it started to make. I wasn’t grumpy by the time I got to work I was being more positive. Then I subscribed to Success magazine and purchased the compound effect. Wow I listened to the compound effect probably a 100 times and started mixing other into it and after about 11 months I made a decision that life was going change. So I started researching goal setting and programs to help with that type stuff and took another step towards a better life. This was a crazy huge step I quit my job I was unhappy with I decided that if I was to improve myself and my life it wasn’t going to happen while working 6 days and at least 70 hours a week.

Now I took a considerable pay cut and went to work somewhere else 40 hours 5 days a week. I could see the difference in where I was at last year and that moment in life. The next step was I bought Living your best year ever program and am now implementing it into my life and actually have time to do so. through this program I will be achieving my goals this year developing my home based businesses creating extra income to replace what I have lost and more. The best thing is that no matter the situation you are in you can change it. We all get caught up in life and either forget our goals or put them aside or even all together give up on them but you do not have to. As I learned in the compound effect all it takes is a little nudge to get off track and all it takes to get back on track is little consistent changes.

So take up your own challenge and go with me and change your direction or get there quicker than you thought possible. A few things you can do today to start on your new journey, make a positive change in your life, such as read positive books at least 10 pages a day. Take stock in your life decide what you want to change and develop a plan don’t know how? contact me. Dig up those old goals and get back on track or make new goals. Just remember success doesn’t come by luck but by hard work and preparation. Find a mentor someone you know or even someone you don’t know and schedule little meetings to help change your direction to better serve where you want to go in life.

I am always looking for mentors to help me and I am always available to mentor others just the same.  If you are looking to change your life no matter what part and are looking for advise contact me and lets achieve our BHAGs(Big Hairy Audacious Goals) together.  Thanks again for your time.


To Your Success,


My Physical Journey

Wow, I have been doing a lot of reflecting and planning in the last couple months.  I have been reading, listening and watching webinars, on a multitude of things.  Since I had decided to change my life and during that time I have found not only do I need to change from the inside but I need to help others in need as well.  As in my blog I have told you about my past and some things that have gone on in my life, but today I wanted to expand on my journey and go a little deeper.  Now in my journey over the last 12 years I have tried to live a normal everyday life, but I was always working other hours or even more hours than everyone else so I always felt like I was missing out when friends got together because of work.  Which has always been the case since I started working.

Today I was thinking about my physical journey and have been this last week.  From the time of my car accident there were many questions to be answered.  They started with will I live through the night, is it worth them doing all the surgeries on me, can the body take anymore surgeries, and so on.  Thus the journey continued will everything heal, will I walk again without assistance and did I have the desire and fortitude to make it happen.  After the first year I was still facing a few questions and I answered them by just going and doing it I went back to work after the doctor had filled out the disability paperwork due to me not being a 100% healed and the pain medications I was still on.  Yes it took RX strength pain medication for me to be able to stand or walk for a couple hours let alone eight. After about a year I had decided I was going to quit taking the pain medications I knew it just wasn’t good for me and I was having stomach problems.  So basically I resorted to things like ibuprofen on and off but like the doctor had said I would start to have issues with my legs and pain and discomfort in joints and it would get worse over time.  Guess what even though I had defied the odds and gone back to work after about two or three good years all the pain and discomfort came back and slowly got worse over the years.

Till recently I realized I was taking ibuprofen every day most days two to three times a day, well the amazing thing is that this last week that all stopped I have not taken a single dose of ibuprofen or anything else in 7 days.  Which is amazing to me and I feel better my discomfort level is significantly lower than it was last week.  I found a product that I started taking 7 days ago called LAMININE, it is what I would call a super supplement.  I usually don’t support health and wellness products simply because they never work in my opinion, but this one proved me wrong and I know it will prove you wrong as well if you think like me.  If not and you have had results with supplements before you will be amazed at what this will do for you as well.

LAMININE provides the most essential proteins and amino acids our body needs, along with the proper transport mechanisms to direct these nutritional building blocks to where our body needs it the most.  Here is a 5 minute video from a Canadian TV news report.



This product has been helping people and has had 8 clinical tests have been conducted which showed LAMININE’s positive effects on Physical, Mental, Emotional Strengths and Overall Health.

So, can your life use a change? Can you use more stamina? How about an incredibly positive outlook on life? A new feeling of wanting to affect every area of your life…you simply have to try LAMININE.

So make sure you watch the video, visit my site for more information, then contact me and let’s get you on your way to a better life today.

To your Success and Wellness,


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